Feinstein Campaign Airs Television Ad on Desert Protection

Los Angeles – US Senator Dianne Feinstein’s reelection campaign has begun airing a television ad on her work to protect California’s Mojave Desert. With less than two weeks until the June 5th Primary election, the ad will air in Southern California media markets.

The 30 second ad can be viewed here.


Dianne Feinstein: “I’m Dianne Feinstein and I approve this message.”

Announcer: “Senator Feinstein’s original Desert Protection Act protects 7 million acres in Death Valley and Joshua Tree. Working with President Obama, Senator Feinstein protected 1.8 Million more acres. Now President Trump and corporate special interests want to extract water from the desert aquifer and threaten the entire desert ecosystem. Join Senator Feinstein, say no to Donald Trump and corporate greed. California Values. Senator Dianne Feinstein.”


S. 21 - California Desert Protection Act of 1994, authored by Sen Dianne Feinstein


Reuters - California desert to be protected as national monument, February 12, 2016


Desert Sun - Trump administration green-lights company's plan to pipe water from Mojave Desert to cities, October 16, 2017